The History of Echoe

During my time at Winchester university, I befriended a fellow indie author, Jade Hamilton. We have spent a lot of time since leaving university encouraging and challenging each other as writers with the aims of helping each other out on the long road to authorly success. In some ways Echoe is a part of that. In other ways Echoe is a loving gift to an amazing friend.

Echoe's true story started a few years ago. I was just coming to the end of another writing project, when Jade asked me if I could write her a story. Specifically a fantasy story with a disabled single mother, with telekinetic powers as the protagonist. A day later I came back to her with the idea for my heroine, Echoe.

In 2017 Echoe was published through At first it was available only in ebook edition. Later a print on demand paperback was released. The ebook and paperback have different covers which echo the book's marketing campaign about choice. I personally love both versions of the cover and have a hard time choosing between them. Although the paperback version definitely took the most work!

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