About You

Full Name: Zelda Zachary Zendel

Nickname: I prefer to be called Zel

D.O.B: Seventeenth of November 1966

Father’s Name: David Samuel Zendel

Mother’s Name: Gloria Elizabeth Zendel

Mother’s Maiden Name: Gould

Likes: art – especially using water colours, my friends, romance novels – for the cheesy dialogue obviously, wasting my potential

Dislikes: anyone who hurts my friends, not being allowed to see my friends

Favourite Food: does orange juice count? if not then jam on toast – but only strawberry

Favourite Colour: purple, magenta purple to be precise, it’s my colour

Favourite Saying: there’s nothing wrong with being different, it’s wrong that people think there is

Name of your first friend: Sly

Who is the person you most admire and why: Zelda Smith, my great aunt, also known as Aunt Zelda. She’s the person I’m named after, and she was an amazing artist, who died tragically young, although no one’s entirely sure how. Oh, and Grandma Zendel too, partly because she named me, and partly because she was the only one who believed I would survive and be able to walk and stuff. Can I have two? I mean, they are twins so that means I can say both, right?

How would you describe your appearance: too thin, too pale, kind of ugly, jet black hair, eyes that are pretty much black, taller than Jay – even if every time we compare heights we’re the same, I still look taller, so it counts.

If you had to sum yourself up in one word, what would it be: ARTIST!

Where do you see yourself in five years: probably living as a struggling artist in some run down studio flat, with a tap that leaks – but if I’m living with the person I want to be with, and I’m working on the art that I love then I don’t really care about all that other stuff.

What is your most prized possession: Aunt Zelda’s paintings

Today’s Date: sixth of September 1982

Initials: ZZZ

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