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About You

Full Name: Simon Christopher Guy

Nickname: Simon the Sly Guy (Sly for short)

D.O.B: 30th of September 1966

Father’s Name: Connor Hamish Guy

Mother’s Name: Peggy Maria Guy

Mother’s Maiden Name: O’Brian

Likes: footy, hanging out with my friends, playing games, going to the beach, having races, having sleepovers, helping my friends, ska music, espescially especially songs by Madness


Dislikes: Mikey’s idiot friends, reading, not being able to help my freinds friends


Favourite Food: raisins

Favourite Saying: I’m not sure I really have one, but my family liketo say “we giants” about alot of stuff so dose does that count?

Favourite Colour: green, because dad used to play for Argyle and Argyle play in green, well grene green and white I guess, but white isn’t really a colour is it? so green


Name of your first friend: Jay

Who is the person you most admire and why: my dad. he’s a really good teacher, who tries tobe their there for the kids he teaches because he thinks kids need to know there’s someone they can turn to when there they’re in trouble or whatever.. he’s the same with me and my brothers too so he’s like the best dad. he’s also the one who helped me read and rite write when I was struggling and my teacher had allbut given up on me. I kind of want tobe like him when I grow up




What is your most prized possession: my friends


How would you describe your appearance: really stupidly tall, musculor musculer muscular I think, short brown hair, blue eyes


If you had to sum yourself up in one word, what would it be: stupid good friend helpful kind leader energetic?






Where do you see yourself in five years: I don’tknow, wokring working I guess, probly probably not living at home anymore, but I haven’t really thought much aboutit



Today’s Date: 6th of September 1982

Initials: SCG

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