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I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I write fantasy stories with a strong character focus, because I enjoy bringing to life characters that almost feel real, in worlds that could almost exist. My writing also puts the mundane against more fantastical elements, challenges my characters sense of self and beliefs, and tries to show how the imperfections of life truly make us. Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing others appreciate the stories I've written.

The Colours I See

There’s nothing wrong with being different, it’s wrong that people think there is.

And, in lots of ways, I am different. I’m too thin. My eyes are too dark. I breathe funny. I’m genius level smart… but I’d rather be an artist like Aunt Zelda was. Not that my parents like that much, since they’d rather I wasn’t ‘wasting my potential’. But the thing is, I don’t just love art, I’m seriously good at it too. Maybe not as good as Aunt Zelda, but still really good; even if it’s not always easy to get everyone’s colours right.


That’s one of my secrets you know. The colours I see around people. The ones that tell me what everyone’s feeling. Most people can’t see them. But I can. And, from the way Aunt Zelda painted, I’m pretty sure she could too. It’s another thing that makes me like her, and something else that makes me different. That makes me, me. And one I’m totally not above using to my advantage, because, lets face it, what else am I going to use the world’s lamest superpower for?


There’s… another big secret I have. One which could get me into a lot of trouble if the wrong people found out. But it’s not like I planned on fancying him. I didn’t even realise I could fancy him till I already did. And there’s nothing wrong with me trying to find out if he fancies me back, is there? I mean, I have his colours right there, just begging for me to use them. So I should try to figure it out, shouldn’t I? Because… because I… I really want him to fancy me back, and then…


But if he doesn’t, that’ll be okay. I mean, I’ll make myself okay with it. Because he’s one of my best friends, and… and I’d rather he was in my life than not. And if Aunt Zelda figured out ways to make it okay, then… then I know I can too. I just… really hope… I don’t have to.


Hyena Boy

Most people want to overcome their demons, I just want to escape mine.

My name is Jay Richard Peters. I was born on the 24th of March 1967. In less than two weeks I'll turn seventeen, and I'll finally be moving out of my home... or maybe I should say my hell, and into a place of my own.

For as long as I can remember, a dark cloud, my father, has hung over my existence. An inescapable, unpredictable force, worse than the devil itself. He's made running away impossible. But I'm not planning to run away. I'm planning to move out. That's what you do when you grow up, you move out.

But first, I want to make a record of my life up to this point. Then, my first night in my own place, I’ll hold a ceremonial burning. Burning the past to cleanse the future, as Taylora would say. Not that everything in my past was bad... to tell the story right, I guess I'll want to talk about that too.

No, not want. Need. I need to talk about the good. I need to remember the bits of my life worth living. If I'm going to get through this... I have to talk about those bits too.



Choices can change everything.

As a Neeth Nymph in the world of Enchanted Breeds, Echoe Sweetcharm has acting in her blood. For her, however, this calling is blocked by her grandpatch and family patriarch, Allonzo, who tries to turn her chair into her curse. Despite him, she forges on, building her career as a writer and director, staying close to her dream.


After Allonzo's passing, the stage pulls her once more, and she makes one more attempt to grasp her dream on the center-stage, auditioning for 'The Next Heartbeat'. Soon, however, she truly feels cursed, as accidents place her life inexplicably into greater danger. But her grandpatch can't really have anything to do with this, can he...? Just what in the world is going on?


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